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5star rated Seminar Jun 28, 2010
New 5star rated seminar to open sortly in durbar banquet
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Soalteemode, Rabibhawan, Kathmandu
Tel.: 4278758
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M.M. Gopali

Deepak Maharjan

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Why with us

Stage your event

Welcoming a guest warm heartedly,satiating your dignity is possible at Durbar Banquet.Wheather the occasion is your child’s birthday,a marriage or a concert,all requirements are met at a wide stage.Our music system blends with the ambience of the hall and its versatility makes it even better.The lighting and grandeur furnishing insures that you are centre of attraction.





Food Variety

Our touch of delicacy that makes an impact in your taste buds is what makes us different.Apart from understanding your taste,we make it a point to serve you healthy,nutritious and yet interesting array of cusines.Each chef has speciality in cooking and is experiences to serve you delicacies that range from newari to continental.Their talents have been blended together to create a team capable of catering to any can rest relaxed,the food will look good in the serving plate and will taste great.



Professional Team

At Durbar Banquet ,we plan to make your event, worry free and fun. Take the stress of planning your special event off your shoulders by selecting the level of assistance you want. When it comes to managing and catering your own event, our team of expertise will gladly make sure that your celebration becomes a red carpet event. Your guests will feel the convenience and ease of being with us. We put hospitality as our foremost preference. Bringing families together and creating smiling faces is what puts the icing on the cake for us!



Dinner Lounge

Our large dining lounge provides a comfortable and accommodating space to relax and dine. The fabulous furnishing, decorated tables, family environment and spacious moving lane make it a pleasant excursion into depths of delightful dining. With our sophisticated interior and friendly service, Our dining lounge is a place for any mood.



Bar Lounge

Yes we have it! At our bar, you can go for beers and sliders with buddies after the event or for a glass of wine after the dinner. This is a centrist join, a community friendly locale within the dining lounge, a place with something for everyone. As a host you can monitor the bar lounge and make sure that your guests drink socially.